Water Leak Detection
Water leak detection Marietta. Drain Doctor offers water leak detection and water leak repair in Marietta, GA and surrounding areas.

Water Leak Detection in Marietta

A flooded floor from a burst pipe can cause some water damage. However, when something obvious occurs, homeowners can take action immediately. This minimizes the amount of destruction it can cause. The kind of plumbing problems that cause the most trouble are the slow leaks. The ones that go undetected, hidden behind a wall or beneath the floor. Water leak detection and water leak repair are very important. Ignoring a faucet leak, sink leak, bathtub leak or slab leak could mean not only an absurd rise in monthly utility costs, but a host of health issues and structural damage. Mold growth, wood rot and other hazardous issues can occur when a homeowner goes too long without plumbing water leak repair in Marietta. Do you need water leak detection in Marietta, Georgia? If you live in Marietta, Cobb County, or the greater Metro Atlanta area, call Drain Doctor today and schedule an appointment with a certified, experienced water leak detector near you. 

Water Leak Detector

The location where you spot a leak is often not the actual source of the leak. Water can travel much farther in your home than you might think and it can make its own path. Before calling a professional water leak detector, it helps to have a somewhat accurate idea of where the true leak begins. If you're not able to find it on your own, that's okay. A licensed plumber is trained to perform water leak detection in Marietta and can diagnose issues quickly and efficiently. Whether you find a sink leak, bathtub leak, faucet leak or slab leak, the experts at Drain Doctor will provide a quality plumbing water leak repair in Marietta and make sure that your pipes are in the best shape possible. 

Water Leak Repair in Marietta

Pay Attention to Discoloration, Warps, and Smells

Because water leaks can be so tricky, you must learn to spot clues so you know when you need a plumbing water leak repair in Marietta. The biggest clues to watch for include sour smells, discoloration, warps, and even a feeling of dampness in the room or wall. It’s also a good idea to physically check your plumbing periodically. An easy way to do this is to go to each sink, toilet, tub, and shower stall and look at what is going on around these fixtures. Turn them on and watch how they drain. Look for drips, leaks, and other signs that you need help with your home’s plumbing in Marietta. Your plumber can spot these types of clues quickly, but you may need to train yourself. Remember to move furniture away from the wall a few times a year to peak behind it. If you suspect that a slab leak, faucet leak, sink leak or bathtub leak is occurring in your Georgia home, call an expert water leak detector at Drain Doctor and get the help you need right away. 

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